Top 7 benefits of effective email campaigns

Marketers rate email among the most effective forms of online advertising. Almost 80% of customers subscribe to receive messages from companies. A large number of email users think that email campaigns are a great way for companies to stay in touch with their customers. Here are top other benefits of email marketing campaigns.

Cost efficiency

Email is far less expensive than other advertising options including banner ads, print advertising and telemarketing. Traditional ways of marketing can involve vast investment, the demand and supply of products and services can take days to finalise. But with email campaigns communication between buyers and the seller is only a matter of minutes or seconds, not days. You can contact a large number of customers through emails rather than telephone, fax or other communication means, which makes email marketing a lot less costly yet effective.


Quick response

Email cuts response time down from as much as six to eight weeks for direct mail to as little as 48 hours in most cases. Email is still one of the most effective ways to contact customers. It’s far more efficient than traditional bulk postage mail and in most cases can have a much larger impact on immediate sales and long-term relationships than traditional advertising.

Measurable results

The success of email campaigns can be measured using software designed to record responses or sales related to email marketing efforts. Reports can be generated on the number of emails opened by your recipients and the number of times your links were clicked. By being able to measure your efforts, you can quickly adjust strategies to strengthen response rates.

Wide reach

Email is the most widely used compound of the Internet and is part of many people’s daily routine. It’s a communication means with an exceptionally large audience, allowing recipients to immediately act on messages. No matter where the recipient is located geographically, as long as they have Internet access and an email address, you can send them a marketing letter via email.

Generation of traffic

Effective email campaigns are a great way of driving people to your website. You can embed links within your messages, which quickly direct customers to your site. The increased website traffic often leads to the increased number of website’s registrated users. You may then follow up by providing customers with personalised and targeted content.

Brand awareness

Regularly delivered email messages containing properly titled subject lines and logos can reinforce company and product awareness. Email also creates an interactive connection with customers and establishes a long-lasting quality relationship.

Customised campaigns

Creating specifically targeted emails and dividing your database either by interest or demographic means that even large-volume email campaigns can be customised so that messages include specific customer data. It allows you to select customer groups to receive messages appropriate for only their group (for example, sending zip code, gender or income-based mailings).

As email has evolved, marketers have discovered clever ways to take advantage of its usefulness. It’s a cost-effective and time-saving way to reach to the audience. That’s why more and more businesses are turning to email to conduct their marketing initiatives.