Tailored Email Campaigns - New age of communication

The arrival of the Internet and then email heralded a new age of communication.  This was especially the case between the business and the consumer; businesses were able to increase productivity by using email to correspond and therefore more could be achieved in a shorter period of time.  This benefit could then be passed onto the consumer - the level of customer care was improved across the board in most cases, and therefore the expectations of the consumer grew and the bar was raised.
Those companies that were unable to keep up with the new demands of the consumer had to think long and hard about their strategy. Those who embraced these changes were more able to stay successful.

In the modern business world it is hard to imagine a company that does not have or use the Internet or email.

In order to keep up with the pace of the commercial world it is surely common sense for a business to avail itself of all of the tools at its disposal.

Modern companies are able to utilise the Internet and email services to their advantage. The Internet has become an extremely competitive market place.  Consumers now use the Internet even more and with the arrival of social networking sites, the doors have been opened to a whole new world of consumer interaction.

If you look at the majority of businesses that rely on the sale of products and services to the general public you will find that they have their own Facebook page and possibly a Twitter feed too.  This is hardly surprising considering that social media is on the up. This is because it is free to use and allows for direct integration with a target demographic.

In the current financial crisis, any way in which a company can save some money whilst still been effective is going to be a sure hit. 

Alongside the social media sites, email marketing can also be extremely useful.  Essentially, it is the same as someone popping a flyer or leaflet through your letter box, the difference is that you, the consumer, can, in most cases, decide whether you would like to receive the email marketing, by simply subscribing to this service.  Those who do not wish to receive email marketing simply won’t.  This is a step forward from the endless junk mail that still seems to drop through our letterboxes.

Another benefit of email marketing to the consumer and the business is the opportunity to personalise the offering. This can involve tailoring the output to suit the needs of the consumer on an almost individual level. Email marketing can easily be used to recommend products and services that may interest the consumer and that have been compiled from their previous purchasing behaviour.  Whilst this does allow for a more personal touch to be added into the equation, the email marketing that the company puts together will need to be relevant and succinct across the board to encourage those who have subscribed to continue in this vein, as well as to attract new potential consumers too.

Author: Yasmin Sheikh