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Bulk email subject lines for campaign success

All the analysis and reporting into subject line length and style has proven one thing - There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to writing subject lines for email marketing campaigns.

The way one group will react to a given subject line will be different to the way another group will react, and will depend on whom you are sending to, what motivates them, how much time they have to read your email, how often you email them...the list goes on! 

International email marketing trends: UK marketers are most likely to increase budgets in 2011

UK email marketers are most likely to increase their budgets in the international community, compared to email marketers from other countries.*

44% of UK email marketers said they plan to raise spending on email in 2011.  Some of the most popular tactics employed by email marketers in the UK include segmenting and targeting users based upon geographic (42%) and demographic data (41%), co-ordinating emails with website content (42%) and online display ads (42%).

Throughout the rest of the world, email marketing priorities and tactics vary, country by country;

Why is email marketing number one for interactive marketing in Europe?

A recent study by Forrester revealed 70% of marketing professionals use email marketing, beating both display media (66%) and search (SEO) marketing (49%)*

The statistics suggest that the popularity email marketing could be due not only to email marketing's stand alone strength as a marketing tool (robust, economical, highly targeted, and extremely measurable) but also because of email marketing's natural compatibility with other aspects of your marketing mix.

Forrester research shows that 35% of marketers coordinate email marketing with display advertising, 34% with site promotions and 29% coordinate email marketing with offline marketing*.

Email Marketing & Video Embedding

Video is engaging. Fact. The popularity of sites such as YouTube, for access to training videos, presentations, entertainment and demonstrations, is testament to this.

Internet video appeal

Video is attention grabbing, easy to share and a bit of a novelty. In December 2008 the 30 leading video and TV streaming websites attracted close to thirteen million Britons - that is nearly 40% of the entire UK internet population, at a growth rate of 70% over the previous 2 years. This is especially impressive when you think that over the same period, the total internet audience itself managed to grow by no more than 14% (MediaWeek 1/08).
It is not surprising that with figures like this, Marketers are often keen to jump on the internet video bandwagon.

The price of non-compliance

It is easy to feel that you are just a needle in the haystack comprised of millions of internet users, just one of many database marketers out there, relatively anonymous and unlikely to be noticed or pulled up for DPA non-compliance.

It is probably for this reason the maximum fine for non-compliance (under the “persistent abuse of telecoms system” provisions of Communications Act 2003) is a whopping £50,000Breach of DPA could leave you or your company liable to pay unlimited damages awards in the civil courts. If you are an individual unlucky enough to be singled out, you could also risk 10 years maximum imprisonment or a £5,000 fine under the Computer Misuse Act. The Data Protection Act also allows for a £5,000 maximum fine per record…beware!

Email campaign deliverability healthcheck

Getting super fit email delivery doesn't need to be hard, you can break it down into bite-sized chunks and take it one day at a time. Follow these steps to maximise your email deliverability.

Five top tips for successful social sharing

Fact: Email marketing messages shared through social networking links deliver approximately five times the number of 'forwards' you will get from a typical email containing a ‘forward to a friend’ link

Research published by Experian has revealed there is a significant uplift in email forwarding when we integrate social media into email campaigns.

With a potential for 24.3% additional reach, this is something all of us should be doing!

Follow BrotherMailer's five top tips to ensure your email campaign reaps the benefit of social network ’shareability':

Email Marketing - Smarter, Faster, Sleeker & More Effective Marketing

The noise of marcomms in our personal and professional life can make the job of creating effective marketing campaigns pretty tricky. Campaigns are constantly competing for attention, often just a few seconds is all you have to make an impression.

The trick to striking the right balance with your marketing campaign, starts with learning about the smater, faster, sleeker marketing tools which have evolved with the rise of the internet.

Email Marketing Works Wonders For Your Business

Trackable, measurable, versatile and targeted - online marketing is recognised as a ROI-boosting solution which allows your message to reach your audience, anywhere in the world.

Today, businesses invest pots of money into various promotional techniques such as TV commercials, press releases, newspaper and billboard advertisements.  It is highly likely that your company has experience of investing in promotional activity of some variety;  campaigns for new client acquisition, retention of existing clients, awareness raising, relationship or brand building - all served by various different marketing channels.

Regardless of your  campaign objectives, it is generally given that you will be looking for a solution that will deliver the best ROI possible. That means fast, effective, measurable results.