How to create an effective email marketing message

 It is hard to overestimate the importance of effective email marketing campaigns for modern companies. With the help of personalised emails business people can get potential clients on the hook and gain valuable feedback from current customers. Furthermore, it is possible to boost sales, increase returns on investment and drive clients to make offline purchases. If you want to create a message that works, read the following tips.

Pay attention to your ‘from’ line.

Some email marketing experts state that this line is even more important than the subject of your email. It is the first line your potential and loyal clients look at. Use the name of your company or your own name if you think that it may work better. It is possible to use the combination of both or add the word “team”, so your clients know who they are dealing with.


The subject line is of crucial importance.

It grabs the attention and leads to the opening of your email. You can use major benefits of your product or various announcements as your topic. Your subject line should not be too commercial otherwise it may go right to Spam. Experts recommend you to personalise your subject line with the name of your customer as it may greatly enhance results of your email marketing campaign.

Your opening hook and call for action make your customer read your message.

Use clear and up to the point statements that don’t lead your clients astray. Include ‘call for action’ early in your message and make sure that your clients can respond to it even without looking through all your email. It may be useful to summarise all the benefits you offer to them and state exactly what you want your clients to do.

The body is the main part of your message. 

Make sure that all the facts in your email marketing campaign are relevant. Use bullet points to outline your key statements. It is advisable to include some white space around your paragraphs as it makes it easier for customers to read and follow your ideas.

End your message with a friendly sign off and opt-out information.

  It is highly recommended to end your message with such phrases as ‘best regards’, ‘all the best’ and ‘yours faithfully’. Still, avoid being too informal or too official. Make sure you include opt-out information at the end of your message. It is vital to let your customers know that you value their opinion and time.

Remember that poorly-written messages can do more harm than good.

That is why it may be a good idea to refer to experienced email marketing specialists. In addition to creating professional templates, marketing experts ensure complete security, legal compliance and database control. In such a way you can be safe in knowledge that your messages reach the right people.


In conclusion, if you want to convert clients into buying customers, keep your personalised email promotions to the point. Write messages in a friendly and informative way in order to make your customers relate to them and get all the necessary details about your company and product.