Five top tips for successful social sharing

Fact: Email marketing messages shared through social networking links deliver approximately five times the number of 'forwards' you will get from a typical email containing a ‘forward to a friend’ link

Research published by Experian has revealed there is a significant uplift in email forwarding when we integrate social media into email campaigns.

With a potential for 24.3% additional reach, this is something all of us should be doing!

Follow BrotherMailer's five top tips to ensure your email campaign reaps the benefit of social network ’shareability':

1. Familiarise yourself with the social networks used by your contacts and target market.

You need to know which networks are favoured so you can make sure you are in the right place for your audience! There is no benefit to linking your email with LinkedIn if you are sending to an audience who are avid users of Digg! You also need to understand the behaviours and interests of your target audience within the online community. It might be useful to create a short and sweet online survey which you can use to ask them which social media they use and how they use it.

2.Are you fighting to keep your audiences' attention?

Of course you are! With all the 'noise' of work, life, entertainment and advertising your audience is subjected to, it is little wonder you need to fight hard to keep their attention. Keep your message short and simple - complicated messages will be misunderstood, ignored and subsequently will not be shared. Your email campaign proposition should be a single-minded and understandable one.

3.Keep the conversation going!

Address your contacts by name and dynamise your targeted email content, to create attention grabbing ‘group specific’ content, specifically made for social media sharing. No-relevant content won't be shared. 
Identify the characteristics of different groups within your customer base, learn what motivates them and what diferentiates them from each other. Online surveys can also help here, in order to build the profiles you need.

4.Ask yourself - Why would someone want to share this email?

What added value does your email offer to the recipient and their colleagues or friends? Is there a competition or promotion incentive? Will re-posting your email give your audience social/professional kudos? Put yourself on a strong footing by understanding what motivates your contacts to share, and giving them what they want.

5.Keep it simple!

Make it super easy for recipients to post your email and avoid a complicated sign up process for new users. Always embed prominent social network links in your emails, don't forget to include a highly visible link to your subscriber page too - this will make it easy for new readers to sign up to your email list which will help to build you a database consisting of relevant, engaged prospects.