Five steps to effective email campaigns

Given that the Internet is used by most people on a daily basis, email marketing is an effective means of driving traffic towards your ecommerce website. Internet marketing professionals state that email advertising is sometimes more advantageous than direct mail in terms of costs, time and targeted audience volume. However, it’s important to keep in mind that not all emails reach a targeted audience just like not all email campaigns become a success. Unless you turn to professionals able to manage your email campaign properly, the idea may turn into a financial millstone. Here are a few helpful tips on how to create an effective email campaign.


1. Define your targeted audience

The major task is to make the email campaign relevant, so try to identify potential customers and their needs. Who is more likely to buy your product and use your services? Answering this question may help tailor attention-grabbing email campaigns able to encourage customers to respond. Experienced email marketing specialists claim that it’s helpful to carry out an online survey to find out more about your customers: their age, gender, occupation, interests, professional backgrounds, etc. Once you have all the necessary information, it’s easy to come up with a realistic email marketing strategy.

2. Plan your email campaign

When planning a relevant email campaign, consider your objectives, budget and strategy and discuss the points with email marketing professionals. Are you going to promote certain products and services among the public, build a vast client base or generate offline sales? Next, discuss the budget and work out your email campaign with return on investment in mind. Plan how you are going to track your campaign. Email marketing professionals can take care of all the aspects of email campaigns including client address selection, email template design, content copywriting and response tracking.

3. Make your email templates look professional and personalised 

Use the survey results to send personalised emails to a targeted audience. Try to create personalised offers for every customer and make email templates look as professional as possible. Keep email subject lines simple, personalised and to the point. The subject line is the first thing customers see when they check their inboxes, so you have just a few seconds to engage potential clients and encourage them to open the email. It’s no good including words like ‘free’ in subject lines, otherwise your emails may be defined as junk mail. Mention the company name right in the subject line as it may help boost open rates.

4. Pay attention to the design of email templates

To make email campaigns work, turn to professionals to design quality templates. Keep email content short and engaging, include special tempters and relevant links. Don’t overuse animated features which may decrease loading time thus making the customer close your email. Use relevant images, graphics and text yet keep templates professional.

5. Track your email campaign

Do always monitor your progress and analyse what is effective and which features should be avoided next time. Email marketing professionals can help track open and response rates and adjust email campaigns accordingly.
Remember that email marketing works only if you get it right, so turn to specialists instead of managing your email campaign without professional assistance.