Five benefits of professional Email Marketing

The success of online business depends on various factors including Google updates, your site’s relevance and authority as well as your search engine optimisation campaign. Additionally to creating quality content, offering a large selection of services and optimising your site for the search engine, it may be a winning decision to contact the customer by means of email marketing if you want to drive traffic towards your site and increase customer satisfaction. Here are five major benefits of using professional email advertising solutions.


1. An effective way to increase your sales

It’s a rare visitor who makes the final pay click the first time he or she approaches your ecommerce website as normally you have to use effective means of contacting potential customers to convert them into buying clients. A well-managed email marketing campaign gives you the opportunity to send a series of personalised messages to opt-in customers on a regular basis. Even if customers are not interested in your services at the moment, your company is going to be the first on their minds when they need what you are selling. Different kinds of promotional messages also work. It’s easy to let clients know about time-sensitive offers and discounts straight away with the help of promotional email templates. As a result, there is a great chance for you to see a sizeable increase in your sales.

2. Encouraging customers to repeat business

Getting the client on the hook is only possible if you keep in touch and email marketing is a cost-efficient means of getting your promotional message across promptly. It takes just a few minutes to reach your vast client base, but the client is likely to open your email only if it’s properly tailored. A personalised approach, attention-grabbing subjects, relevant content and other so-called tempters are among the methods professionals use to encourage the customer to open the email, click the included link and stay.

3.  Increasing the average order value

Those who know the sphere like the back of their hand can help up-sell and cross-sell products and services that may add up to thirty per cent to the average order value if the campaign is organised properly. Thus, if you are offering self-storage facilities, you can make use of email marketing to promote packaging materials and transportation options.

4. Boosting offline sales

Strange as it seems, email marketing is also beneficial for businesses that don’t have websites. It’s a great idea to promote certain products or offers through emails and encourage customers to visit your high street shop after doing quick online research.

5. Getting honest feedback

A high level of customer satisfaction can make all the difference and there is no better way to gain honest customer feedback than using emails. As psychologists state, it’s much easier for the client to give an honest response by means of indirect communication.

Professional email marketing is a great way to convert clicks into sales. However, tailoring proper email templates requires a fair amount of experience, so it’s essential to turn to specialists instead of managing the email campaign on your own which may do more harm than good as you have just a few seconds to grab the customer’s attention.