Why is email marketing number one for interactive marketing in Europe?

A recent study by Forrester revealed 70% of marketing professionals use email marketing, beating both display media (66%) and search (SEO) marketing (49%)*

The statistics suggest that the popularity email marketing could be due not only to email marketing's stand alone strength as a marketing tool (robust, economical, highly targeted, and extremely measurable) but also because of email marketing's natural compatibility with other aspects of your marketing mix.

Forrester research shows that 35% of marketers coordinate email marketing with display advertising, 34% with site promotions and 29% coordinate email marketing with offline marketing*.

It is no surprise that professional marketers use email marketing as the tool of choice to accompany these more traditional marketing elements.
It is a common occurrence in many households to see family members using facebook on their laptop and twitter on their phone whilst watching TV all at the same time. This common behaviour means the potential for co-ordinated multi-channel marketing involving email marketing is truly mind-blowing.

The power of an email campaign timed to hit smartphones (blackberries, laptops iphones and android phones) and laptops, when your targets are watching (for example) Top Gear, with a relevant and up to the second offer advertising (for example) a test drive of the model featured on the show, or during the commercial break WHILE YOUR TV ADVERT is playing,  is sure to be a clickthrough success story.

You really can't get more targeted or responsive than email marketing. Good email marketing platforms give marketers the power to easily react to a sales opportunity, fast.

European marketing professionals know their customers;

25% regularly segment their customers by past purchases, 26% segment based on demographic and an impressive 32% segment based on requested information and geographic location.

This means email marketers have data on customer behaviours and exactly what the customer wants as well as how much they are willing to spend and where they are when they are most receptive.

Email marketing yields high quality data, such as; which links your customers really click on, how often, at what time of day and whether they are on their smartphone, PC or Mac at the time.

Professional marketers can use the power of email marketing to drive sales like no other, for example:

Email marketers can combine timed email hits with national televised sports events - think food/beverage/ email advertising during half-time at world cup matches, direct to the smartphones of pub-going sports fans throughout the global football loving population


consider the impact of a regionally targeted 'garden furniture sale' campaign on a sunny day -  delivered directly to the inboxes of the working masses, dreaming of weekend BBQ's, who just can't wait to leave their desks and enjoy the weather on the first day of summer.

Email marketing is Europe's favourite form of online marketing, beating SEO and display media, because with email marketing you don't have to wait for your customers to find you - your email campaign will find them, and bring them straight to you, every time.

(* All data source: NMA article by Lucilla de Sarlo, interactive marketing analyst, Forrester Research. 3rd March 2011)