Email Marketing: advertise at a fraction of the cost

Email is the most personal advertising medium in history. Best practices in email marketing demand communications that go far beyond advertising and respect the customer. Most companies continue to invest in marketing via email as an effective online communication method to reach and engage their customers. Implementing an effective email campaign involves multiple tasks, such as building a permission-based list of recipients, managing it, defining relevant content, delivering the message and evaluating the results. Here are top techniques that can help you use this effective tool to benefit your company.


Compile a list of subscribers

The opt-in email method is a very important part of your email marketing campaign. With this method, customers don’t receive promotional messages unless they’ve agreed to it. Thus an email cannot be sent unless the individual has expressively given permission. You may start with current customers who may have previously provided you with their email addresses or you may collect their addresses through purchase orders and other forms. A good way to encourage your website visitors to sign up for your newsletter or be included in your list of subscribers is to offer them something they can’t otherwise receive without being a subscriber (special discounts, coupons, gift certificates or access to products before their release to the general public).

Create a strong message

You need to craft your message according to the result you want to achieve. First you need to define major goals for your email marketing campaign, whether it’s generating sales, branding or driving site traffic. As soon as you’ve come up with your goals, you can create a strong message that reinforces your brand, describes your products or services and clearly establishes how customers may contact you. A powerful subject line which combines an action phrase with a response-boosting incentive is perhaps the most important element of an effective email message.

Send targeted emails

Specifically targeted emails with valuable and relevant content work best. By dividing your list of subscribers either by interest or by demographic, you’re able to appeal to the needs and wants of your customers and improve your sale results. You may buy software which includes a list segmentation feature and makes it easy to segment your subscriber lists by any field automatically.

Balance the frequency of your emails

As with all email marketing, balancing the frequency of your messages is extremely important. If you don’t send enough emails, it may be difficult for you to remain on top of the game. If you send too many, you may annoy your recipients and even cause them to unsubscribe. Generally either a bi-weekly or monthly sending schedule produces the most effective results. This may vary based on the type of your newsletter and subscribers. The best strategy is to create a signup form allowing your subscribers to specify the mailing frequency they prefer and tailor how much material you need to send to each subscriber.

Today email marketing is far less expensive than other advertising options. Email is an effective way of driving people to your website because it’s part of many people’s daily routine. Email campaigns can be quickly implemented and executed with only minimal software and investment.