Email Marketing - Smarter, Faster, Sleeker & More Effective Marketing

The noise of marcomms in our personal and professional life can make the job of creating effective marketing campaigns pretty tricky. Campaigns are constantly competing for attention, often just a few seconds is all you have to make an impression.

The trick to striking the right balance with your marketing campaign, starts with learning about the smater, faster, sleeker marketing tools which have evolved with the rise of the internet.

When competition for attention in marketing is fiercer than ever, it is no-longer good enough to be able to send the right message to the right person - you need to do it with precision timing and when you have your prospects' attention, you must be able to react fast.

Todays consumers are bombarded with advertising at in every aspect of thier lives; product placement on TV, football sponsorship, print media and commercial radio are everywhere. Corporate consumers are also drowned in giftware, plagued with poorly targeteded sales calls and to be found fretting over their carbon footprint, while sending hoards of uninvited sales leaflets and product brouchures to landfil.

How is email marketing going to reach my prospects more effectively than traditional methods?

Some sceptics think that just because an email is advertising something, it will automatically be ignored by the recipient and sent to the junk mail folder. However, there are smart email products on the market which use spam checkers and data watchdog features as well as other super clever tools to keep you off ISP Blacklists and ensure your email is fit for delivery, right to your prospect's PC, laptop or smartphone.

Smart Marketers integrate their marketing campaigns, so email marketing is a smart Marketers dream. Using the data you can gather with email marketing, you can time your sales call or your website advertisement to reach your prospect while they are most receptive.

If you find the right email marketing provider you can be sure that not only is your email received and read by your intended recipient, but you can see when that email is being opened, so you know when to make that follow up call or what time of day your prospect is most receptive. Professional email marketing providers also allow you to see what your prospect is reading your email on, whether it is a smartphone or a computer, even whether it is being read in Google or Firefox.


Email marketing also makes for a more cost-effective marketing tool.

Typically, email marketing will save you money by cutting out the overheads and the middle men. For a start, you don’t even have to leave your office. You can source the best email marketing provider for your needs online, you can utilise offers such as free trials to get your campaign started and you can use services such as template builders to save you loads of time and effort to create a professional email marketing template that’s completely customised with your business logo or colours. Good email marketing platforms will even give you the tools to build your own microsite or landing pages for specific campaigns - why pay hundreds or thousands of pounds for a web designer or IT specialist when you can do it for yourself?

Lower set up costs:

The cost is kept to a minimum because emails are obviously completely electronic. This means no recording costs as with TV and radio, and no printing costs as with flyers and magazine or newspaper adverts. With providers having already perfected their templates for use it means that they no longer have to charge large fees for email designs. The lesser the time taken for the provider to get your campaign ready, the less money that they need to charge for the services that they provide.

Less wastage:

Providers have the facilities and the mail servers to be able to send your emails successfully and to the required target audience. This is where the true success of email marketing comes in. As most recipient email addresses have been sourced through existing customers or through new interest generated from online registration forms, it means you’re already targeting a more specific demographic of the public that are far more likely to react to your marketing. Other forms of advertising often fail due to the fact that there are just too many rival adverts or the advert is spread to wide to generate the interest required for the money spent.

By utilising the low cost, efficient and highly effective email marketing campaign method, you can increase your hits to your website, increase your online sales and increase your revenue with a well targeted campaign. Look online for an electronic mail marketing provider today to see just how this method can work for your business.