Bulk Email Marketing – Some of the best practices

The goal of all marketing is to increase interest in your products or services and generate more sales. Online industry has made it possible for marketers to pick up bulk email marketing where other marketing leaves off. It’s still one of the most cost effective ways to contact customers and is far cheaper than traditional advertising. When done correctly, it can be an extremely powerful and effective marketing technique. Here are some of the best practices used by the most experienced email marketers.

Subject lines

As the majority of emails you receive are junk mail, most people first look at the subject lines to determine whether to read a message. If you want your email to be read by as many recipients as possible, you need to make one part of the subject line consistent and the other variable. This way recipients can recognise your newsletter when it comes in as well as get a small hint as to what type of information might be in it.


While some organisations using bulk email marketing send their emails as plain text, there are a number of benefits to send your messages in HTML. The advantage of HTML over plain text is much greater control over how the email is displayed - fonts, font sizes, font weights, colours, etc. You can also insert images in HTML emails and provide clickable links to webpages as well as use all other features found on webpages. However today around 5% of email recipients are either unable to view HTML messages or have turned this feature off. To solve this problem, almost all marketers send both an HTML message and a text message within the same document.


Timing is very important for bulk email marketing as it can be a decisive factor for your emails to be read and trashed. Every person has their own preferential time to deal with their mail. Certain studies have found that Mondays are generally reserved for meeting, organising and catching up on all the tasks left over from the previous week. Therefore emails sent on Friday afternoons are often ignored or show up at the bottom of the list when downloaded on Monday morning. If you deal with customers from abroad, you may segment their list by geographic location to be able to adjust to their time zone.


Sending not enough or too many messages can influence the overall success of your bulk email marketing campaign. If you don’t send enough messages, you may not attract as many customers as you need. If you send too many of them, you may annoy your recipients and even cause them to unsubscribe. Marketers have found out that either a bi-weekly or monthly sending schedule can produce the best results. It’s also necessary to make sure that each message you send has something of value for your recipient.

Implementing an effective bulk email marketing campaign involves multiple tasks. With the best email marketing practices companies may experience the return on investment required to justify expenditure and achieve success in their email marketing efforts.