Charity Email Marketing: Make Your Email Work

The average British household used to receive lots of carefully worded and nicely designed mail that persuaded people into opening up and responding to it. Direct mail was one of the most popular tools used by charities looking for donations. With the advent of the Internet and email in particular, it has become possible to send out call-to-action messages at minimum expense. Your charity email marketing campaign starts with creating a message that works. So what makes it effective?
Make the ‘from’ line informative
According to experts, this line is often far more crucial than the subject of your email. This is the first message you put across and draw benefactors with. Put the name of your charity or your own name if you think that it may work better. Alternatively, for you charity email marketing campaign you can use the combination of both or add the word ‘team’ to build trust in your organisation and raise awareness of your objectives.
Write an eye-catching subject line
The subject line should be attention-grabbing and encourage recipients to open you email. It’s better to use a full phrase to make yourself clear rather than a few words that might sound a bit confusing. Like the ‘from’ line, the subject line needs to be informative; otherwise it may go right to Spam. Experts recommend personalising your subject line with the name of the person you’re addressing, as it can benefit your entire charity email marketing campaign.
Salute your recipient
Address recipients by the name if you know their personal information or use a general salutation formula to start your message. Use clear-cut statements to show that you have every intention of raising money for charity. You may include ‘call for action’ early in your message to ensure the recipient can respond to it even without looking through the whole email. 
Ensure your body contains relevant information only
Make sure all facts in your email are up to the point; irrelevant information can make the recipient doubt your true intentions. Thorough arrangement of information is fundamental to the success of your charity email marketing campaign. It’s recommended that you should outline your key statements with bulleted lists. White space around your paragraphs will make it easier for the recipient to scan, read and follow your ideas.
End your message with a friendly sign off
The entire marketing campaign may fail, if you end your message abruptly and inappropriately. A conversational formula ‘best regards’, ‘all the best’ or ‘yours sincerely’ is the right way to finish your message. Yet, avoid being too official or too informal, as it can leave an unfavorable impression on the recipient. 
Today people have lots of reasons to get online: to check email, shop, interact, find information etc. Email is a cost-effective way to increase public awareness of social maladies and help people in need. Raising money to help children with cancer or build a night shelter for the homeless is now easier than a decade ago. They say charity email marketing delivers great results at a swift rate.