Email marketing in the travel industry

If you work in the travel industry and are not using email marketing as an integral part of your communications strategy then BrotherMailer email marketing professionals can help. We work with a number of key travel brands such as Gekko and Monarch and our experience and drive to ensure our clients make the most of their email marketing strategy stands us out from the crowd.

Whether you run a small bespoke travel operation such as Esqui Whistler (Spanish speaking specialist in Whistler) or you are Expedia, keeping in touch with current and potential clients with offers and news items that are relevant to them as well as prospecting for new business via email marketing is essential.

Here are some of our top tips for how to make your email marketing more successful

  • Segment your data – ensure that you are sending relevant communications to people. A good example is trip adviser who take care to collect precise details of interest on sign up. So which cities does someone show an interest for and what interest do they have in that city? If you keep communications useful and relevant instead of blanket selling all the time you become a source of interesting information to people and you maintain open rates and readership
  • Get social – using our 2 click social networking  functionality in your emails enables recipients to share their ideas, plans or information of interest about travel with anyone in their social networking circle quickly and easily. Recommendation is one of the strongest ways to win business and making it easy for people to organize their booking information with their travel companions is a great way to ensure they keep on using your service
  • Like many other industries, keeping an authoritative position on the market covering things such as news stories, trends, latest routes and destinations, travel advice etc will help maintain your position as a market leader and keep you front of mind.
  • Keep up to date and do your homework – Love your job and keep up to date with the industry as much as possible. A great way to do this is by looking at the latest online research into email marketing as well as other digital mediums. A great place to do this is to look at the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau ( or for uk you will find the research area has many articles and case studies on the use of digital media which will support the internal shift towards digital and email usage.
  • The email marketing industry also has it’s own authoritative figures in organisations such as the DMA (Direct Marketing Association) which is also a good place to get hints and tips.
  • Split test – BrotherMailer enables your to split test your campaigns very easily. You can split test based on subject lines as well as content. The system will send the campaign to a designated percentage and wait before sending the remainder to the winning performer. By doing this regularly you will get a better feel of what communications your lists respond well to
  • Personalisation – as well as getting your communications on target, personalize with the individuals name in the subject line and content. This increases open rates and engagement.

We hope these few tips were of use however, to discuss your own specific email marketing circumstances or requirements please pick up the phone for a no commitment discussion on how best to integrate and manage email marketing within you business