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When you reflect on the success of online marketing campaigns they often have a strong focus and correlation with email marketing activities completed online and their associated success rates.

The idea of ‘just sending out a few emails’ to a number of existing customers has become a huge scientific marketing activity that can add substantial value to a company’s online marketing. There are a number of considerations that should be part of your plans for future email marketing success and the following online email marketing tips will hopefully shed light on some key optimisation areas for you and help you to engage and generate great online ROI from your client base.

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Some of the key areas that can add substantial value to your online email marketing campaigns include:

  • Having a scheduled marketing calendar for online mail and sticking to it. If you tell people that they will get a monthly newsletter make sure they do and ensure that there is regularity with the dates they receive this too
  • Online email campaigns do not always have to be about selling. This will reduce your mail lists very quickly otherwise or at a minimum make your prospects very hardened to your repeated messages. Email marketing can covering a wide and engaging range of messaging from selling to information seeking to informing and educating your clients and much more
  • Remove waffle from your email campaigns. Peoples time is a valuable commodity so wasting it by wanting them to read excessive lines of text that could be better served in a bulleted list is not a good idea
  • Test everything. From headlines and sent from addresses to opening gambits and use of multimedia. The more you test the more scientific your online emails will become and the more refined your approach will become
  • Use immediacy in your communications. A key reason behind the success of online marketing like email marketing is the immediacy that the communication can be sent out and responded to. Maximise your online email campaigns with great call to actions and promote them with enticing hooks that require the recipient to act now

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