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The key to email marketing

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The content of email marketing must create three emotions from the reader confidence, joy and anticipation, an expert has said.

Writing for, a teacher in the field of email marketing, Christine Brady explained that to succeed, email campaigns should make a real emotional connection with the reader. This can not be any emotion, however, as it has to make the reader feel happy, but also give them the desire to return for more.

To do this successfully, Brady says we need to make sure our emails leave the reader with a sense of confidence, joy and anticipation.

Google Apps users can now import emails and contacts from other systems as well as from other Google accounts

This means that marketing messages snet by e-mail to an account hosted on one of Google's rivals, such as Hotmail, could be pulled through to their Google Apps account if the user decides to do so. Previously, this option was not available for users of applications in the public sector for organizations and businesses, reported's David Meyer.

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Mobile Email Marketing News

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Companies must consider mobile users in their email marketing campaigns, as more people are beginning to use their smartphones to access the Internet.

A report done by Nielsen found that more than half of email users check their inbox on their smartphones or tablets at least once a day. However, research published in discovered that 80 percent of mobile users found that accessing emails on their mobile can be more difficult than desktop devices.

Do you send more than a dozen emails every week? Do you want me to be more productive and save up to an hour a day? Then you need to recognize exactly how the inbox appears to the reader others: it is essentially a list of names.  You need to make yourself stand out from this list.  If your message is lost in a sea of other 'special offers' and 'great deals' the chances of being seen are slim.

You need your subscribers to open your email, read it, and taken action, as quickly as possible, the longer the email sits there, the less likely it is they will ever do anything about it.

The BrotherMailer design editor for creating email marketing campaigns is one of the easiest to use that exists on the market today.

You create the email using building blocks and the mouse to drag and drop the required elements, anyone can create a professional campaign in just a few minutes.

Let me explain the basic system which would mean you could start today.

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What are spam traps and how you can avoid them

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Spam traps are a way in which email providers discover and block known spammers. You certainly do not want your domain to end up in these lists.

If your emails are caught by spam traps it can damage your IP address, as any future emails can be marked as spam. You could also end up paying for emails that are useless because they do not reach potential customers. This article includes some tips to help you avoid the pitfalls.

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A technology expert has recommended gmail

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Consumers are being encouraged to use Gmail instead of other service providers email (ESPs).

The recommendation was made by the technology blogger and author Oliver Burkeman, who suggested in the that email from Google is better than any other offer, including Yahoo!, Virgin, Hotmail and Outlook.

In a recent survey done by iContact it has emerged just how small and medium enterprises are spending their marketing budgets.

An average of 15% of the budgets is currently spent on email marketing, with 92% of people saying that emails are used to share news about new products or services and 90% share news about the organization.

Brands must be careful when targeting consumers to make sure that does not limit its reach, a marketing expert has urged.

Writing for, blogger Michael Barnett said many companies put all their efforts in targeting their campaigns to ensure they are as relevant as possible.

While this may make the content of email marketing specific to the recipient, it could also end up putting so many restrictions on them that they end up having the opposite effect to what the brand may initially want.

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