There are two ways in which email marketers have begun to use the emerging phenomena of social media:

1. To create a social presence for a brand on networking sites, in order to communicate with consumers.

2. To monitor what's being said about the brand within online communities.

Both activities hold value, but neither can provide an easily repeatable and scalable way in which a brand's social media marketing learnings can be turned into targeted 
follow-up campaigns which will drive a desired action.

Email list hygiene appears to have taken a back seat across the industry in recent years, which could be a result of pressure on email marketers to be compliant and pressure to get results.

It would seem that email marketers often find themselves caught up in difficult situations when it comes to maintaining opt-in e-mail lists, take this scenario:

Your sales department puts pressure on the marketing team to help establish new account relationships by raising awareness and setting up lead generation programs. Your legal department are tasked with ensuring your marketing team only sends e-mails to recipients who have opted-in.

You need subscribers, the pressure is on to get the opt-ins.

Sound familiar?

Last Saturday and Sunday saw shoppers spend around £2 billion as Britons stock up on presents for Christmas - with the upcoming weekend before Christmas promising even more spending.

Reported by, many shoppers flocked to malls like London's Westfield or shopped online in a bid to get their presents delivered before Christmas.

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