Email marketing can be one of the most cost effective methods of advertising your products, but only if done correctly.
There are a number of factors that separate successful email marketing campaigns from those that are classed as spam and are deleted.   As with any marketing platform, success is based on how well you grab people's attention and if you can convince them to act.
Here are four tips to get your emails working for you:
Keeping data clean is vital to ensure successful email marketing campaigns.  
There are various companies which can do this task on your behalf, but a good email marketing system can help you do this for your company.
BrotherMailers Email Marketing Platform includes both a data watchdog and a survey builder as useful tools for cleaning data.
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Apple announces new design for IOS7

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Apple has recently revealed the new, sleeker design for the iOS 7.  The new look is said to be more modern, moving away from the use of old fashioned textures in apps.
The new design has also been copied over to the latest OS for apple computers. 
A new survey carried out by Mobile Giant, O2, has discovered that the average Brit now spends more time looking at their smartphone than anything else!
The survey was based on what we use our phones for and for how long each day. The average user users 24 minutes on the internet, 16 minutes on social networking sites and a further half an hour on entertainment such as music and games, once time spent on calls, texts and other apps, we are spending around 2 hours a day on our phones.
The research also discovered that the smartphone is also replacing household items such as alarm clocks, watches or games consoles and cameras.
One of the most controversial features of Windows 8 has been the lack of a start button, Microsoft have recently confirmed that this feature is to be reintroduced in the 8.1 version.
The start button was present in every version of the system since Windows 95, and has been quoted as 'severely lacking' in the latest update. Currently the button will appear when one hovers the mouse over the bottom left corner of the desktop, according to a blog by Microsoft, "The new tip appears anytime you move the mouse to the bottom left corner of the screen, and is always visible on the taskbar when on the desktop."

The ever popular blogging platform Tumblr is about to enter the world of paid advertising on their site, even though its owner once told the world that online advertisements "turned his stomach".

Many brands are beginning to use Tumblr, but this will be the first time that there will be an option to pay for ad space within the web page.

Tumblr has been growinf rapidly during the last 12 months and so has been looking for addidtional ways over capitalising on their assets.  Site founder, David Karp has suggested that they will begin to offer companies advertisement space from May2.

In a recent unprecedented hacking incident involving Yahoo Japan has resulted in the possibility of up to 22 million login names which may have been stolen.

During the attack, a data file was stolen, which indentified almost a tenth of the total of 200 million users, according to reports.

According to a statement realeased by Yahoo Japan, the file does not actually contain all information which is necesary to impersonate a user, however they have advised all userd to change their passwords at the earliest opportunity.

Social networks are now a great way to stay in touch with your customers. You can use social media together with your marketing campaigns to further improve client relationships.

In this article we will discuss how you can use email marketing and social networks at the same time to make your advertisements and promotions reach more people, and to grow awareness of your brand.

1. When using a good email marketing program, you can easily include social media buttons, so that customers can share your campaigns on their walls or networking sites, as well as those of his contacts. For example, if someone receives an email about a special night in a club, they can put the campaign on their Facebook wall to encourage their freinds to attend.

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Email Marketing for Mobiles

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These days a vast majority of people are using their mobiles and their SmartPhone to search the internet, to check their social networks and above all to read their emails. This means that any company who wants to ensure that their email marketing campaigns are read by their customers must consider the mobile user.

One of the most important tools on the market is the inboxe checker, where you can see how your message will render in any email client, from the iPhone to Hotmail.

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