Tuesday, 14 February 2012 12:45

Email Marketing set for further evolution

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There is change afoot in the world of email marketing, according to Econsultancy writer and editor Graham Charlton.

He told EDP 24 that an example of this is the addition of social sharing buttons within email marketing messages, which will allow recipients to share content from an email on to a network of friends on a social network.

Friday, 10 February 2012 09:58

What not to do when email marketing

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Businesses using email marketing have been advised on what they should not do when implementing a campaign.

Marketingvox.com reports that often the subject line can be the difference between an email reaching its destination and being caught up in the spam filters. To prevent this, certain "spammy" words and phrases should be avoided which could potentially trigger the filters.

Amongst the words and phrases that's best avoided are 'business opportunity', 'buy direct', 'clearance', 'limited time' and the simple 'hello'.

Email marketing campaigns must be respectful, relevant and readable to be a success, an advertising expert has claimed.

Business 2 Community contributor Barb Cote explained that these three aspects of a project's messaging should help firms to keep a consumer engaged via email and satisfy their expectations.

Wednesday, 08 February 2012 14:17

Video marketing predicted to drive tourism market

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Video content have been tipped as the next big revolution in the online promotion of travel and tourism by an industry expert.

Speaking at the Travel Technology Show at Earls Court in London, Mark Bloxham, marketing director at Teletext Holidays, claimed that video will increasingly reflect a users' experience of an online holiday, making it a vital marketing tool.

He quoted a study which predicts 90 per cent of internet traffic will be video-based by 2013. It also expects that two thirds of mobile content will also be video-based, reports Travolution.co.uk.

Wednesday, 08 February 2012 09:00

Email marketing, not just a pre-sale tool

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Companies that utilise email marketing only as a pre-sales tool are missing out on one of the medium's most effective uses.

Jeffrey Rice, senior research analyst at Marketing Sherpa, described the channel as an "exceptional communication vehicle". He noted that it is particularly effective for organisations that want to pass on critical information to a customer, for instance an order confirmation or key industry news.

Email marketing has been identified as a key tool to help small businesses weather the recession.

According to a new poll by Iconnyx, two thirds of British SME's are planning to up their marketing spend in 2012, with 63 per cent recognising email as a priority for increased investment.

The head of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) has urged advertisers not to place too much stock in short term conversion figures.

Chris Combermale, chief executive of the organisation, spoke at the beginning of a DMA event in London and highlighted how the aim should be to find the customers who will do more business in the long term, rather than pick up casual clients taking advantage of discounted offers.

The rise of dynamic content within email marketing could go either way, potentially "scaring" recipients or actively encouraging engagement with the sender.

That's the opinion of Simon Hill, writing on behalf of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA). Hill explained that marketers using dynamic content could, for example, create an email that changes depending on the time of the day and location of the recipient.

Thursday, 02 February 2012 13:08

Introduce related topics in email marketing messages

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Email marketing messages should not be restricted to one topic, as related information may be just as interesting to recipients.

That's according to Megan Leap, a Business 2 Community contributor. She suggested that advertisers should get people's attention if they can help solve their immediate problems, but there is no reason why other subjects cannot be tackled as well.