Email marketing is regarded as the most effective channel for generating leads, according to a new poll.

In a survey of B2B marketers by Crain's BtoB Magazine, 59 per cent of respondents claimed that email was their most effective medium,placing it firmly ahead of other channels such as PPC adverts and social media marketing.

Legendary advertiser George Lois has stressed the importance of design solutions being brilliant, unusual, innovative and stunning.

In conversation with NPR Books, the marketer, director and designer described how the "creative act" can overcome any problem even though the answer may initially seem "outrageous", which may inspire marketers to be more ambitious in their bulk email plans.

Marketers are changing their measurement process; taking into account different data in order to gauge success.

That's the opinion of writer and interactive media expert Michael Nutley, who explained that marketers are increasingly choosing "pirate metrics" instead of "vanity metrics".

These two terms were coined by Dave McClure, a capitalist in Silicon Valley and Nutley believes they have helped support the "maturity" of digital measurement.

"Business should not concentrate on what he [McClure] terms 'vanity metrics' - likes, friends and fans - and instead look at acquisitions, activation, retention, referral and revenue [pirate metrics] - factors that make a real difference to a company's performance," Nutley said. This may inspire working on social media campaigns or bulk email marketing campaigns to measure how their financial impact rather than their reptutational impact; given that this could be a greater gauge of success.

It could also help them manage their marketing budget more effectively, as confirmed that brands measuring their marketing ROI can prove "savvier" when it comes to the financial aspects of the business.

Nutley concluded his comments by stating that although some marketers feel "unprepared" for the bank of measurement data afforded to them, it's simply about searching "different places" to find the data that works best for them.

Email marketing has never been about "batch-and-blast" sending but relevant, well-designed emails in order to create customer relationships.

That's according to Hallie Mummert, the managing editor of targeting service Monetate. She highlighted on five key tactics from experts that marketers should be using to boost their conversion rate.

She believes that looking at web analytics, boosting click-through rate, balancing email content, maintaining message consistency and optimising for mobile are behaviours that should help with conversion rates in an email marketing campaign, revealed.

Typically, Britons spend more time filing or replying to incoming emails every week than they do socialising with their family members or friends.

What's more, most of them can expect to receive over 14,000 this year, confirmed. That's according to the results of a study undertaken by Microsoft Hotmail, which revealed the secret habits of Brits who utilise email.

It is vital to offer a succinct description of incentives if people want to see their email marketing subscriber list grow, an expert has claimed.

Senior contributing editor at Practical Ecommerce Armando Roggio highlighted how some companies do not put enough effort into the graphic for their newsletter sign-up icon.

A writer has urged marketers to get "creative" with their email marketing campaigns, in a bid to further improve their engagement.

Frances Allen made her "appeal" after having to spend a lot of time deleting an inordinate amount of junk emails she had been sent of late. Email marketers seemingly took advantage of big holidays like Valentine's Day and Allen's inbox reflected this.

Domestic holidaying looks all the rage in 2012 as a UK travel destination reveals that search engine queries of this sort have quadrupled since last year.

According to Center Parcs, the search phrases "short breaks UK" and "holidays in the UK" have driven a significant amount of web traffic to its site in January, up 443 per cent and 341 per cent respectively from the previous year, reports Breaking Travel News.

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Update brings email to BlackBerry PlayBook

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Research in Motion has released its long-awaited OS 2.0 for the BlackBerry PlayBook, according to, finally giving owners of the device real-time access to their email accounts.

Now, users of the tablet will be able to sync their home and work email accounts; updating them in real time when they receive an email. Although good news for PlayBook owners, speculation has arisen over how this will affect email marketers.