It is always a good idea for those doing email marketing to continue tracking your subscribers and their behaviours, even after they have clicked through to your website.

Dave Lavinsky, who is the founder of the strategy consultant for business agency, Growthink, believes marketers can learn a lot about their marketing campaigns by tracking how their subscribers interact with the email and how they end up at your website.

In a blog post for, Lavinsky encouraged traders to use tracking software to ensure that subscribers were completing the desired actions after reaching the website of the company.

Companies that use email marketing must consider the mobile market or risk potentially losing a lucrative audience.

Writing for a technology blogger Marc Munier explained that in 2014, more smartphones were sold than desktops computers. Moreover, the trend looks set to continue - which means that the percentage of mobile usage will only rise further.

This, according to him, means that in the near future, the idea of ​​mobile email will no longer be a new concept in a similar way that people look back on the days when email became commonplace. Further evidence for this comes from Econsultancy's own research, which found that only in rare cases do smartphones and tablets represent less than 50 percent of all email is opened.

Brands that use email marketing have been advised to consider the frequency of their email marketing messages in order to ensure the best audience and to not end up bothering them.

Writing for, a blogger Russell Parsons explained that emails differs from its equivalent, traditional mail, ie, that a different approach is needed.

Parsons said that in his experience at least, Spam is considered a part of life, with readers saving the most interesting messages. whilst the others are sent to the Recycle Bin without thinking twice. Email, moreover, has the ability to annoy users, and is not seen as inevitable as traditional mail.

This week has seen Amazon and Target releasing their Christmas period statistics.  Perhaps the most surprising fact came from Target.  They have said that the majority of visitors to their site during November and December actually came from mobile devices.

Their figures show that “Mobile traffic made up 60 per cent of traffic November through December.”

Their report also showed some other interesting facts:

When you have a small business, email marketing is an important part of it.  Customer loyalty is key, and your email lists are at the heart of this.

If you have a small, incomplete or non existent list, don’t panic, today I am going to share with you my top tips to build your lists.

1.Add a sign up button to your website.  You’ve spent all that time and energy getting people to the site, yet you are not taking advantage of that and grabbing their details.  Have a small sign up buttong visible on all pages, you don’t need much information at this point, just their name and email address, and a tick box to agree to receive future mailings.

If your email marketing messages are ending up in the Spam folder, but you do not know why, I may be able to help.
The BrotherMailer platform comes with a spam checker tool, which will let you know how many spam points your mail will receive, and also gives you some tips on how to improve it.
In this article, I'll explain what are the four most common errors I see in e-mail marketing.
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Colourful emails can help to promote new books

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Authors who hope to promote their next book should make their marketing messages "colorful, simple and easy to read," according to writer Sarah S. Kilborne. 
Writing for, she explained that email marketing is one of the best channels for promoting books. This is because it helps you remember all those people who helped or contributed once the book is finally on sale. Then you can send the email to your own contacts, helping to increase sales and reach potential audience.
Newsletters have been hailed as an ideal way for businesses to interact with consumers who have already registered an interest in your business. 
Writing for, a blogger on email, Lisa Swan explained that newsletters are an "important tool to marketing experts" because they provide a way for generate repeat sales and increase the scope of the company. 
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Email marketing tips for the world of art

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The professional network on have rouded up 10 tips for marketing of new seasons in the arts sector, following a recent live chat on the matter. 
Beginning with their best tips first, Jenny Hogg, director of marketing and digital at the Swindon Wyvern Theatre says that digital and print communications need not be fully independent channels. In fact, the two must work together to encourage people to use both. 
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