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Not over sending, keeping things short and sweet, writing like a human and including contact information are some of the easiest ways that email marketers can varnish their messages with a personal touch.

These pointers were supplied by direct marketing expert Susan Payton in her latest blog at smallbiztrends.com, aptly titled '10 ways you can avoid becoming an email robot'.

Ms Payton says marketers often ruin their campaigns by rushing through the construction of their messages without really considering what their customers want to hear.

More than 800,000 people are eager to get their hands on Mailbox, the new email app that allows its users to re-schedule a message for a later date.

The iPhone app was launched earlier this month and is currently rolling out to users on a first come first served basis. These prospective customers are presumably looking to gain a taste for Mailbox's 'snooze' function, which allows all users to achieve "inbox zero" on request, reports indiatimes.com.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer says the search giant is working hard to provide a better experience for mobile users of its email service, reports latimes.com.

Speaking at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference, Ms Mayer said the company was looking to improve the mail, search, news, finance and sports services for its 200 million monthly mobile users, going on to drop hints regarding a possible 'read me later' function for Yahoo Mail.

Friday, 15 February 2013 14:48

Elements of the "perfect email" outlined

To get results with the "perfect email", marketers must look into the four essential parts of its construction.

This is according to email marketing specialist Anna Pitts, who in her latest blog at entrepreneur.com stresses the importance of an eye-catching subject line, a warm welcome, concise text and clear sign-off when advertising to potential customers.

When it comes to customer conversion, colour is arguably the most important element in any email marketing message.

That's the claim from Amanda Gagnon, a contributor to business2community.com and email marketing expert,. She urged her fellow professionals not to ignore the impact that a winning set of shades can deliver.

Ms Gagnon cited research from analytics firm Kissmetrics - available in full at kissmetrics.com - which proved that companies can influence a significant rise in clicks on certain areas by switching up their colours schemes. In this case, the company changed a link from red to blue in a tactical move which spawned great success.

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