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Brands can be more sure of email marketing success if they start thinking like their customers, one expert has claimed.

Writing for entrepreneur.com, business blogger Ann Handley explained that brands would be wise to think like their customers if they are to see any valuable returns on their email investment.

Handley boiled this sentiment down into three analogies, with the first being 'fish where the fish are'. The old adage, she claimed, can comfortably be applied to any online marketing platform, as it quite simply involves seeking out the best consumers for a particular brand.

Email marketing blogger Tom Flanagan has explained where he thinks the industry will head over the coming years.

Writing for inman.com, Flanagan explained how people still keep claiming email marketing is dying, even though the truth is markedly different. To illustrate the point, he went on to explain not only how email is thriving, but the direction in which it will go in coming years to remain relevant.

A poll of 1,000 small businesses has found that marketing spend looks set to remain the same or even increase for many, kpbj.com reports.

The newest '2013 AT&T Small Business Technology Poll' found that a third (66 per cent) of small firms are keeping marketing budgets unchanged - or even increasing them - despite finances being stretched elsewhere.

When considering specific area for spend, the majority of respondents said they were seeking to expand their online presence through the likes of a better website and more email marketing.

Businesses need to be careful with their links, images and unsubscribe options if they are to evade over-zealous spam folders, one expert has claimed.

Writing for business2community.com, email marketing blogger Ivan Dimitrijevik claimed that "everyone" around the world was using emails, so brands needed to be sure they had a presence in the inbox. Dimitrijevik added, however, that there were a number of potential stumbling blocks that marketers needed to avoid in order to ensure the campaign is a success and that messages are successful and do not erroneously ensnared in junk filters.

American comedian Louis C.K. could teach marketers a thing or two when it comes to the best ways of treating consumers, digiday.com reports.

Despite not yet being a household name in the UK, C.K. is fast approaching this status in his native America, following on from the likes of a successful TV show and numerous live tours. That's not all, however, as C.K.'s innovative approaches have also seen him hailed as a "marketing genius".

Brands should be sure they know their audience when it comes to integrating social media and email marketing campaigns, yahoo.com reports.

Marketing expert Janelle Johnson has claimed that when it comes to working cross-channel, email and social media provide the two best options, bringing together lifecycle engagement (social) and an enviable ROI (email).

Bringing them together, however, relies on marketers knowing a little about their target audience. Using email and social as examples, email is a much more official portal, which is used for bills, banking and other such correspondence. Social media, on the other hand, utilises a much more colloquial approach, which brands can also use to engage their contacts as people, not just consumers.

A third of British women would prefer to log on to their emails than eat breakfast during the week, bbb-news.com reports.

New research by biscuit manufacturer Belvita Breakfast has found that 60 per cent of British women would identify themselves as not being morning people. As a result of this, many claim they simply cannot face breakfast until they've been up for a few hours, leaving some time aside for alternatives such as browsing the internet.

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Email needs to stand out in the inbox

The average email user gets 100 emails delivered to their various inboxes every day, meaning marketers need to work hard to ensure their message cuts through the noise, chicagopressrelease.com reports.

Email users are well-used to receiving mail, with recent reports claiming it totals around 100 every day for each account. This needn't be daunting for brands using email marketing, however, as it instead shows email is still a hugely popular and successful tool, provided businesses manage to cut through the noise and get their message read.

Microsoft's Outlook.com email platform could soon be as secure as Gmail after reports suggest it could begin using two-step authentication, mashable.com reports.

Whilst the changeover from Hotmail to Outlook was met with positive reviews from many email users, some still registered concern that it lacked two-step authentication, which older devices had already been offering for quite some time.

Now, it appears that Microsoft has bowed to pressure and will roll the service out to its global audience over the coming weeks. This provides good news for brands using email marketing as it would better protect against fake users logging onto contacts' accounts and making amendments.

Email marketing not only punches above its weight when compared to social, but does so 100 times over, one expert has claimed.

Writing for business2community.com, email blogger Adam Franklin claimed that whilst the likes of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have large and growing user bases, they still cannot compete with the old workhorse of email.

Franklin said that email beat social on five counts, with the first being its personal nature. He claimed it was a bigger commitment for users to provide a business with their contact emails than to simply click 'like' on a page. Therefore, the relationship is a better quality one from the very beginning.

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