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Email has emerged as the favoured channel for members of restaurant loyalty schemes.

A new poll, conducted by food industry research company Technomic, has indicated that 77 per cent of subscribers to these schemes would prefer to receive reward information via email.

The impressive figure has been linked to the growth in consumers accessing email marketing messages via their smartphones, as many would find it more convenient to load up loyalty rewards in this way.

A popular iPhone app looks set to revolutionise the way people organise their emails.

'Mailbox', which allows users to save, delete or postpone emails with the swipe of a finger, reportedly has hundreds of thousands of Gmail users on its waiting list.

Postponing emails deletes them from an inbox and sends them back there at a later date. The app is being marketed as easiest way to get to "inbox zero".

Social media marketing may be getting more popular but email still has advantages over it, according to an industry expert.

Dawn Altnam, a self-employed blogger who covers a range of tech and marketing issues, has claimed that email still remains the top communication method in the business world.

In her latest blog for business2community.com, she listed a number of reasons why an email marketing message is more likely to be read than promotional social media content.