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Thursday, 28 March 2013 08:23

Microsoft make changes to Windows 8 Mail

Windows 8 Mail functionality has been updated by Microsoft to make accounts easier for users to manage, reports theenquirer.net.

The tech company has made a raft of changes, including making it easier to add hyperlinks and lists to composed messages, as well as adding new options for filtering messages within inboxes. The updates were brought in on Tuesday (March 26th).

Business owners need to understand the broad potential of an email marketing campaign, rather than only seeing at as method of delivering a newsletter, it has been claimed.

Content marketing and blogging expert Kassia Gardner, contributing to business2community.com, suggested people link up their email marketing efforts to their blog, main web page, social media and any relevant promotions.

In her opinion, one of the fundamental things to remember is the a message need not be only a newsletter; it can be used to publicise a competition, carry out a survey, send a video or highlight a case study, among other things.