Tuesday, 02 April 2019 09:28

Benefits of Email Marketing set to improve again in 2019

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Despite the rapid advances reported by new technologies, email marketing continues to be positioned as one of the most effective communication tools. Its success lies in the long reach it provides and the direct communication it offers between company and client.

Companies like Emailing Network provide a real-time analysis of billions of interactions of the messages they send to their users.

They measure a selection of the most relevant and related content, this method translates into useful statistics that allow them to learn more about their readers

This allows them to generate quality traffic that maximizes sales as well as ROI. A work philosophy that is validated by the results reported by Emailing Network in January 2019.

The company has managed to increase the traffic generated for its customers by 26.88% in relation to December 2018.

They have seen an increase of 29.10% in turnover compared to the previous month, with 372 active clients. This supposes a growth of its portfolio of 12% in relation to the previous month.

Looking ahead to the rest of 2019, Emailing Network forecasts an increase of 26% in its revenues compared to 2018. A positive forecast that they hope to achieve through the new special actions they have customized in Multichannel. These are based on a combination of dedicated emails combined with display, social media ads and retargeting.

The strategy with which they intend to achieve the goals set for 2019 is reinforced with more optimized 360º CRM services.

We can use this analysis to improve our own email marketing, by analysing our campaigns in the BrotherMailer reporting tool, and comparing our recent campaigns we can see which content is giving us the best metrics. We can also use A/B split testing to try different content and subject lines to better test our metrics.

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