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The best content marketing in 2018 will be achieved by having a good strategy.

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Content marketing is the best way to drive sales to your website, but very few companies actually have a plan to follow.

It is now mid February, but you still have time to get your plan put together.  We need to look at old strategies and see which ones worked, and which ones flopped.  We also need to research any new ideas out there.

A recent report by the Content Marketing Institute shows that a massive 83% of marketers feel that a content strategy is vital in increasing sales, which is an increase over the 74% who held this opinion a year before.  However, even with this huge percentages, only a measly 31% admitted to having created their own strategies.

Cisco has estimated that visual content will account for 82% of all internet consumer traffic by 2021.  Right now 74% of internet activity is taken up by video, this has grown in the last couple of years with the growing popularity of live stream video.  This means that marketers must consider including video, both recorded and live, in their own plans.

Following are four more ideas to help you put your Marketing Strategy together:

Look at your mobile first plan.

Current figures show that in 2018 mobile could account for almost 80% of all traffic.  Whilst we have all been striving for more mobile friendly websites to reach the previously considered 53% of traffic, the figures have risen dramatically.

We must now focus more on optimising for mobiles, instead of focusing on desktop users.  It is now perhaps the time to reverse our plan, and build for mobile and then optimise for desktop.  Recent figures show that 57% of users would not recommend a company with a badly designed mobile website.

Consider more personalised content.

In 2017 the norm was to put text based personalisation with visual to keep engagement levels high, but in 2018, the type of visual content is more important.

Linking to your social media sites is becoming more and more necessary these days, the familiarity built by brands using social media is paramount, and should be continued across the board.  You should link all blogs and email marketing messages to your social media, and ensure that the same message is carried across.

There has been a marked rise in “behind the scenes” marketing material, blogs, live videos and photos of the inner workings of a business can build the familiarity and therefore the customer loyalty.

We should focus on original content which is personal to our users.

Be ready for new technology.

As customers spend more time on line, technology such as chatbots has become increasingly popular.  A report by BI Intelligence in 2015 showed that automatic instant messaging platforms have improved drastically and can often convincingly simulate how a human would react in a chat situation.  Every month currently, over 2.4 billion people are active on just Facebook messenger and Whatsapp, so we must consider incorporating this technology into our strategy.  These bots are a great way to reach out to your audience and begin the conversion.

Dont give up!

Some companies consider focusing on social media and dropping the email marketing altogether, however, you must consider that 79% of marketers felt that email was the most successful channel in 2017, in comparison to blogs and social media pages.

If you have been considering this, look instead at changing your email marketing strategies.  Try to send more targetted emails, based on clients past behaviour and purchase history.  Use dynamic content to create emails which include information that each reader is interested in.  Use insights data to segment your clients into demographics and send more personalised content.


So this year, we need to make sure that our content-marketing strategies include more personalised visual content and we must consider new technology.

Make sure that your strategy includes new trends, yet keeps the traditional ones.