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BrotherMailer Special Operations

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BrotherMailer are known for going above and beyond in our support but did you know we can help your team with the more complicated areas of email marketing on site? 

Data migration, automation and the setup of email programmes are a perfect example of jobs that can be done on a one off basis by our special operations team. 

Data healthcheck, migration, integration and API

  • Check compliance with current DPA requirements and ensure compliance
  • Ensure data is captured at every opportunity (in store, reservation, online purchase)
  • Check all the relevant data is captured
  • Check user experience to minimise the process intrusion on user experience
  • Collect and gather existing data sets
  • Automate and API, in real time, all data into your email marketing platforms

Email dynamic design, automation and reporting

  • Discuss what emails we can automate for your email programmes
  • Build dynamic content based email templates for the automated communications
  • Build automated email programmes based upon your data. Powerful examples include:-
  1. Dates (seasonal, life stage, renewal, programme based)
  2. Purchase based (insights on previous purchase habits)
  3. Triggered emails (abandoned basket, e-receipt, Follow up voucher)
  • Automate management reporting programmes so the results come straight to your inbox

As the majority of this process will often be a one off requirement, why not leave it to our specialist team?

Our package includes

  • Consultation process - Understand your business, current email setup, the requirement, our recommendations and agree outcomes.
  • On site visit - Support teams in best practice data setup and migration. Ensure data migration is detailed anough to complete the tasks. Collect all required information for API build work. 
  • API build - We connect all the pipes between data sets to migrate and live stream your data into your email marketing system (or any other platform requiring the data) 
  • Design - build your marketing communications with your team sending drafts and working through signoff / approval.
  • Build - Build the dynamic content templates with your approved designs.
  • Programme - build automated programmes for email delivery based on the discussed rules / data and triggers. 
  • Report - ensure reporting is set up so all management information is supplied in the required formats to the right people. 

Get in touch today to talk to our special operations team to help your company benefit from ongoing intelligent email marketing without the need to even log in to your platform.