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What is an Easy Click email, and why should you care about it?

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An easy click email is a tool which marketers can use to increase conversions by simplifying the user experience. 

Most of us will have received one of these little gems, I myself received one recently after a trip away, a simple 1 click email from, was I happy or not with my experience.  It boiled down to a very simple happy face or sad face.

One of the main benefits of the easy click email is that we can respond on a mobile device, which we all know has become the preferred device for checking emails.  A second benefit of the two answer question makes it very easy for us to segment the data.


If we look at my email, had I clicked the smily face, I would probably have received emails with offers of other hotels in the area, or similar destinations etc.  As it happened, I had clicked the sad face, and almost instantly received a second email with an apology, a small form to fill in detailing what my issues were, and then a follow up phone call from the company offering a future discount.  Had I not received the one click email, I dont think I would have taken the issue any further, but may not have used that company in the future.  I, as a client, am now more likely to become a future client, all thanks to that one click email.

Since easy-click emails create segments based on simplified decision data, the content that users receive after they respond is more focused, accurate and likely to result in a positive brand outcome.

A one click email is very easy and fast to create, it should generally include the following items;

  • A header, including logo and brand name
  • The question, which includes a useful response
  • The answer buttons, 1 to 3 eye catching buttons
  • A basic footer with copyright information etc.

The back end should include the capability to segment the answers received.

Why should we be creating one click emails?

These campaigns increase response rates, and user engagement, but that is not all.  

Whilst most of us struggle to get reviews from our clients, due to their text heavy aspects, making them more confusing and dificult to navigate on a mobile device, even the 5 star system used by many can prove difficult on many devices.  Many brands also require a log-in before the review can be registered, resulting in a low of many readers mid-process.

The one click email will get you the basic results that you require, Happy customers could then receive content promoting additional products; unhappy customers could receive return instructions or suggestions for alternative items.

Marketers should care about easy-click emails because they deliver something brands often lack in their email marketing programs: information. The data captured through back-end segmentation informs the brand’s next action and enables marketers to push more relevant content to customers.

Having this kind of data allows email marketers to send more personalized triggered campaigns, which can be characterized by higher deliverability and response rates.