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Getting the most out of your holiday marketing campaigns

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During the holidays most people receive a huge amount of Christmas based emails, and somehow you have to stand out in the crowd, however there are a few tips which should help you get ahead.

All email campaigns should focus on some extent to clients past behaviour and/or purchases, but the festive season offers the perfect opportunity to give special incentives and rewards to the "best behaved" readers.

When sending seasonal campaigns, it is also important to watch engagement rates and also to make the unsubscribe button more visible than usual.


Incentives for top readers

Of course every subscriber on your list is important, but it is good practise to reward those who engage the most with an extra special deal.  As these people are frequently engaging with you, they are most likely advertising on your behalf as well, when speaking with friends etc.  An extra incentive for these valuable readers is a great way to boost their brand loyalty.

Perhaps a voucher for their next purchase, or early access to your next sales event, cheap options to offer, but the value should go a long way.

Watch engagement rates

Almost everybody sends more emails during the festive period, none more so than retailers.  Whilst most of them will include deals and incentives, the sheer volume arriving in the inbox can affect open rates.  Marketers must keep an eye on the engagement rates at all times, but more so at this time of year.  

If one notices a significant drop in open rates, or a higher than usual rate of unsubscribes it is imperative that marketers review sending frequency, and the content being shared.  Too many changes to your usual content could have an adverse effect.

On the flip side, if there is a marked increase in engagement then marketers should also review the above points, as this may mean an opportunity to increase your usual send frequency.

Make the unsubscribe button clear

During the holidays people are more likely to unsubscribe, and if the button is not obvious, you risk the danger of people clicking the spam button instead out of frustration.

The iOS 10 update does include an unsubscribe detector button, but not everyone will be using this update.

Key points

Watch engagement rates and frequency of sends

Make the unsubscribe visible

Most importantly, focus on the most engaging readers, and reward them for the loyalty.