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Some Europeans check their emails even when on holiday

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About half of European check their work email at least once a day, even when they are on holiday, reports

New research from, a travel agent, has found that many European professionals can not bear to be away from work for a long time, even when they are on holiday abroad. As a result, many will connect to emails from work to keep up with the changes, even if it means incurring roaming charges.

The study found that 49 percent of professionals check their email everyday when abroad, and many turn to their smart phones to do so. Keeping tabs on the office, many have even incurred the wrath of the partners because of this habit, with 44 percent acknowledging that it caused friction.

Not only are they checking their inboxes, but some are also completing work tasks during what should be a relaxing time. found that about a quarter of respondents performed some work during their last holiday abroad.

This news is a positive sign for brands that use email marketing, as it shows that your messages are received and read, wherever your reader it. This is especially true for those who work in public relations, sales, media and legal industries, who discovered would be the most unlikely to stop this practise.

"Holidays should be all about spending time with loved ones or friends and forgetting about work for a week or two," said co-founder Chris Clarkson to

"A little time off is very important, because if you're constantly in work mode you could end up suffering from exhaustion. I was very surprised that many professionals could not resist checking their e-mail every day of their holiday and also by those who actually admitted to working during their break. "