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The key to email marketing

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The content of email marketing must create three emotions from the reader confidence, joy and anticipation, an expert has said.

Writing for, a teacher in the field of email marketing, Christine Brady explained that to succeed, email campaigns should make a real emotional connection with the reader. This can not be any emotion, however, as it has to make the reader feel happy, but also give them the desire to return for more.

To do this successfully, Brady says we need to make sure our emails leave the reader with a sense of confidence, joy and anticipation.


Trust, they say, is the best feeling an email can give, as it leaves the reader with the impression of confidence in the brand, and a desire to return again in the future. Campaigns that generate this reception can expect that future marketing campaigns will be read by their loyal consumers and that they will act accordingly.

Joy, meanwhile, means that messages are quickly spread, as users send through email or social media connections in order to make others happy. Putting a smile on someone's face can, Brady wrote, not only get a favourable response from them, but see the messages spread "like wildfire".

Finally, Brady highlighted the use of anticipation in order to encourage consumers to repeat the process in the future. Brady suggests that brands use 'suspense' in order to keep people engaged and ensure that future messages are not just read but also expected.

"Anticipation works and when combined with the other two factors, joy and confidence, will make the reader feel good" she said on "then you have the ability to create an email that your subscribers can not wait to open" .