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Mobile Email Marketing News

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Companies must consider mobile users in their email marketing campaigns, as more people are beginning to use their smartphones to access the Internet.

A report done by Nielsen found that more than half of email users check their inbox on their smartphones or tablets at least once a day. However, research published in discovered that 80 percent of mobile users found that accessing emails on their mobile can be more difficult than desktop devices.

In view of this, traders must begin to consider their mobile offerings in order to make the content accessible for those who are accessing from mobile devices.

A blogger for small businesses, Jessica Sanders, is an expert who has urged companies to carefully consider their mobile customers. As messages which are optimized for mobile make life easier for consumers, and indeed, they are more likely to be more receptive to them. As a result, Sanders has outlined a number of areas which companies should be considering in their emails.

First, Sanders advised considering the overall design. With mobile sites, size is the big problem, so companies need to make sure that the icons are large enough to allow users to "click" on them with just one finger. Similarly, the number of columns should be limited if not the text within them may be too small to read without having to zoom.

Sanders also advises companies to test their mobile campaigns on mobile devices. While this may seem obvious, it is one of the fastest and easy way to see exactly how the message renders on a mobile device.

Finally, Sanders urged companies to keep their messages short. Mobile users will not read large amounts of text on their devices, so emails must be "created with the focus on styling the text," she told