Thursday, 05 March 2015 00:00

BrotherMailer can get you started on email marketing today

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The BrotherMailer design editor for creating email marketing campaigns is one of the easiest to use that exists on the market today.

You create the email using building blocks and the mouse to drag and drop the required elements, anyone can create a professional campaign in just a few minutes.

Let me explain the basic system which would mean you could start today.


1. The building blocks. First you build the structure of the email, using blocks where you would like pictures, text and logo etc. You can use one of our hundreds of free templates or start with an empty shell, you have complete freedom in your design.

2. Images. In a few clicks you can save your images into the platform, the upload only needs to be done once, and you then use the mouse to put them wherever you want.

3. The text, you simply type the text for your campaign, and then in a few clicks you can customize any part of the campaign with any data you have in the database, such as first name or location.  The text editor works very much like Word, with all the italic, bold, font, font size etc that we are all used to.

4. Colors. With our editor, you change text colours, backgrounds and anything else you require in just a few clicks of the mouse.

5. Links. Again with the mouse, you can link your pictures and text to any URL in just a few steps.

6. Extras. You can easily add any social networks buttons, campaign buttons; such as "forward to a friend" and much more.

Here at BrotherMailer we offer a free demo to anyone who would like it, in which we explain the basics of all parts of the system, and in just half an hour you would be ready to start with your first email marketing campaign. Contact us today for more information.