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We must start optimising our emails for mobiles as soon as possible

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Companies that use email marketing must consider the mobile market or risk potentially losing a lucrative audience.

Writing for a technology blogger Marc Munier explained that in 2014, more smartphones were sold than desktops computers. Moreover, the trend looks set to continue - which means that the percentage of mobile usage will only rise further.

This, according to him, means that in the near future, the idea of ​​mobile email will no longer be a new concept in a similar way that people look back on the days when email became commonplace. Further evidence for this comes from Econsultancy's own research, which found that only in rare cases do smartphones and tablets represent less than 50 percent of all email is opened.


Not only will the most common use of email be mobile, companies will be able to use information about who is sending messages to make them more specific and relevant.

Citing research published by, Munier said the type of device used could soon become demographics used to segment marketing and to improve their campaigns. Typical individual user profiles - such as Android users which still figure less than those with Apple iOS systems - can be used to ensure that the content is tailored more precisely to each recipient.

"A simple example, you are about to send a marketing campaign about your most recent pet food offers, well Android users are 12 percent more likely to own a pet, so we'll target them first "Munier said. "There are very few companies who optimize and segment by device type, so start doing this now, we can no longer comfortably say it's just 'email'."