Friday, 17 October 2014 00:00

Monthly newsletters are very good for new customers

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Newsletters have been hailed as an ideal way for businesses to interact with consumers who have already registered an interest in your business. 
Writing for, a blogger on email, Lisa Swan explained that newsletters are an "important tool to marketing experts" because they provide a way for generate repeat sales and increase the scope of the company. 
The content of email marketing missives could also bring about a third more traffic to a website for sales than social media can during the festive season. 
Despite its success, Swan argued, many companies are not sure how to develop an email newsletter, and so she has offered a number of tips to ensure the right message is transmitted as accurately as possible. 
The main point of Swans message was to maintain an "elegant and simple" style. Complicating a message, she said, may not work for subscribers, or may not appear on their screens as scheduled, depending on its configuration. Putting text into the images could mean that the point does not reach all the recipients. 
Then Swan urged brands to consider what the readers want. In this case, the overly formal messages must be discarded in favor of something that users will find worth it. Examples of these may include discounts, advice or information on future developments.