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A definitive quide to improve your email marketing - today!

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Email marketing can be one of the most cost effective methods of advertising your products, but only if done correctly.
There are a number of factors that separate successful email marketing campaigns from those that are classed as spam and are deleted.   As with any marketing platform, success is based on how well you grab people's attention and if you can convince them to act.
Here are four tips to get your emails working for you:
Subject Lines
The title of an email is by far the most important piece of content . In a world where a million emails are being sent every day, a message with an uninteresting title is far more likely to be left unread.
The key is a great title that gives the reader an incentive to open an email.  Why would you open the email? Why do so immediately?  A great title should answer these two questions.
"Receive a unique gift by completing our customer survey today" does it perfectly.  On the flip side "New Offers 21st April” does not.  Ensure your titles do not include spam words such as "FREE", "50 % discount", "cheap" etc. in the title, because they could trigger spam filters and prevent subscribers from reading your email.
Most mass email software will enable marketers to segment their email list into a series of demographic data such as age, location, item you are interested in, etc. . This makes it much easier to send emails that are relevant to their audience and therefore more likely to be opened and engaged with.
Advertisers can make a message seem more relevant using personalization. Readers appreciate small details like the use of their name, referring to previous history with the company or explaining why a recipient has received an email can also improve participation.
For many experts in email marketing the design of an email is at least as important as the content inside. With the one-click delete button this could mean the difference between an email being read, or going straight to the bin. Those using HTML should be aware that the images may not appear immediately and may not display correctly on all mobile devices.
Do not be afraid to experiment with the design of your email. Innovative design is often successful in grabbing the attention of email subscriber.  Add a video link or using a new template might be the trick to prevent a campaign from falling into oblivion.
In order to protect your reputation as a reputable company, there are certain rules that businesses today must apply to their email marketing campaigns.  The emails should only be sent to those who have chosen to receive them, each email should have a clear unsubscribe link and brands must not send an email to subscribers more than twice a day, although best practice suggests once or twice weekly is a far better option.
Those who follow these tips are more likely to experience the benefits of cost effective email marketing.