Thursday, 02 May 2013 10:45

Email Marketing for Mobiles

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These days a vast majority of people are using their mobiles and their SmartPhone to search the internet, to check their social networks and above all to read their emails. This means that any company who wants to ensure that their email marketing campaigns are read by their customers must consider the mobile user.

One of the most important tools on the market is the inboxe checker, where you can see how your message will render in any email client, from the iPhone to Hotmail.

A good email marketing system will also include a plain text version generator, which will create a version of the campaign without the images. This tool is not just useful for phones but also for clients who have said they do not want to receive pictures in their inbox, instead of receiving an email with blank spaces and red crosses, they receive only the text and links.

When any business wants to start an email marketing campaign, they should think about who is going to receive it, for example if the audience is college students, or people from the world of technology, it is quite likely that they will own an intelligent product, such as a tablet or SmartPhone, if the message is intended for a maturer audience they are more likely to open the email in Outlook or Gmail. Every time you send a campaign, you can use the detailed reports of a good program to analyze what your customers are using to open the message. Once you know who the email is destined for, then you can begin the design.

The sending time is also very important. You should think about the type of mail you are sending, and when is the best time to send it. For example, if the company is a restaurant with deals on Saturday, you should send it in the middle of the week, or Friday morning, when people are already thinking about the weekend and what they want to do. If the campaign is about holidays in the sun, it should be sent on a rainy day or on Friday afternoon when people are bored of working and thinking about the weekend! You should never send a email marketing campaign on Monday as everyone is busy with weekend mail.

Every time your company sends an email marketing campaign, you can use reports and results to improve all future messages.