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Friday, 26 April 2013 10:02

Email still innovates, despite being decades old

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Email marketing blogger Tom Flanagan has explained where he thinks the industry will head over the coming years.

Writing for inman.com, Flanagan explained how people still keep claiming email marketing is dying, even though the truth is markedly different. To illustrate the point, he went on to explain not only how email is thriving, but the direction in which it will go in coming years to remain relevant.

One such point was that of cloud integration opening up a new world of opportunities for the email world, enabling not only larger inboxes but also the ability to send sizeable attachments and do so at speed. It could also forge the way for more secure storage of sent mail, meaning users can return to long-forgotten messages to find them no different to when they had been left, functionaltech.com reports.

Flanagan also noted deeper third-party integration as a boon to email marketing. The example he gave was that of Dropbox forging links with Yahoo! Mail to provide similar attributes to those of the cloud systems as noted above.

Lastly, Flanagan hailed the introduction of mobile inboxes as the single biggest revolution to hit the email world. With opportunities opening up for location-based marketing, responsive design and native app development, brands now have more freedom than ever to get their messages across in new and innovative ways.

"OK, so maybe email won't be the next big thing, and I know that it's tough to get excited about such an old platform," Flanagan concluded. "However, I believe there is still plenty of innovation still to come and that's a pretty cool thing."