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Tuesday, 23 April 2013 09:51

Top three tips for email marketing success

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Businesses need to be careful with their links, images and unsubscribe options if they are to evade over-zealous spam folders, one expert has claimed.

Writing for business2community.com, email marketing blogger Ivan Dimitrijevik claimed that "everyone" around the world was using emails, so brands needed to be sure they had a presence in the inbox. Dimitrijevik added, however, that there were a number of potential stumbling blocks that marketers needed to avoid in order to ensure the campaign is a success and that messages are successful and do not erroneously ensnared in junk filters.

The first issue was that of links, as they needed to be clearly defined to ensure maximum efficiency. Dimitrijevik warned that there was little point sending out a good, attractive email to an engaged audience if the calls-to-action are small and difficult to spot. This approach, he warned, simply wastes the time of all involved and can render a campaign useless.

Second was that of images, with Dimitrijevik suggesting they are used sparingly, emailschools.info reports. As some providers require users to manually switch on images, many email users simply won't see fully-optimised messages, so the main message should be delivered via text to ensure maximum readability.

Dimitrijevik's last point was that of the unsubscribe button. Making it difficult to find may seem like a shrewd move, but this only leads to people hitting the 'mark as spam' button, which not only means that all future emails will bounce back, but also the sender's reputation will plummet in the eyes of the email provider.