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Monday, 22 April 2013 10:02

Comedian could teach brands about effective marketing

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American comedian Louis C.K. could teach marketers a thing or two when it comes to the best ways of treating consumers, digiday.com reports.

Despite not yet being a household name in the UK, C.K. is fast approaching this status in his native America, following on from the likes of a successful TV show and numerous live tours. That's not all, however, as C.K.'s innovative approaches have also seen him hailed as a "marketing genius".

In recent years, C.K. severed all ties with existing distributors and opted to self-release his live DVD online, charging users $5 to download it from his own site. Likewise, he also did away with ticket-sellers and instead sold out entire tours through his website in order to cut down on fees and make tickets more affordable for everyone who wanted to get in.

This understanding of and respect for an audience is what has prompted many analysts to claim C.K. doesn't only excel at comedy, but marketing as well.

One such area in which his approach was commended was that of email marketing. Before purchasing a ticket or download, users must input their email addresses - as is customary. Atypically, however, these addresses are automatically opted-out of receiving communications, as they must instead then tick a box that says they would like to receive such messages.

Whilst seeming to be counter-intuitive or even counter-productive to some, others have applauded the move and say that in utilising this approach, C.K. will guarantee that anyone on his contact list really wants to be there, so open rates will be high and unsubscribes low.

"C.K. is in a unique position," marketing blogger Jack Marshall told digitalmarketingsuite.com. "He's built a fan base that is clearly receptive to and appreciative of this type of approach. But that doesn't mean brands couldn't learn... from him."