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Friday, 19 April 2013 09:56

Expert claims targeting in emails is not an option, its a necesity

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Personalising messages and targeting a specific group of users is a sure fire way to avoid low open rates in email marketing campaigns.

Retail-digital.com writer Malcolm Duckett highlights that in a world where companies send mess, generic emails to thousands of subscribers on a daily basis, there's an opportunity for intelligent brands to put themselves above their competition by applying the personal touch.

He claims irrelevant and untimely content causes people to become disinterested in what brands have to say. That's why email campaign delivery managers must realise that targeting a specific audience is the only way to keep their audience hooked.

Going back to old ways by mixing a targeted response with the scattergun approach was however condemned.

"Some businesses that do send tailored, personalised emails also continue to send generic mass emails at the same time, undoing all the good work and disengaging customers with irrelevant content," he added.

Meanwhile not only does targeting give users an improved experience when they get into the email, marketers should also benefit from having better visibility of what things work from within their campaign.

Cited by emailschools.info, Mr Duckett said distributing the same message to a whole contact list means there's little point in collecting data. He used the example of a campaign that aimed to sell womens' shoes through one message to all contacts.

The men that received the email wouldn't have seen much point in being contacted and their lack of engagement may have skewed the test results.

On the other hand, sending that same advertisement out to women who have previously bought shoes means the brand can measure the effectiveness of their approach.