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Wednesday, 17 April 2013 09:05

Yahoo 'unboxes' email through new tablet app

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Yahoo is looking to take full advantage of the space available on tablet screens through a new mail app.

The company has been under pressure in recent years to demonstrate its value to users, many of which can new be found accessing its services via mobile device. Seemingly in retaliation to the market shift, Yahoo has released two new mobile apps - for weather and email - which hints at a heightened commitment towards the devices.

Both apps are designed to provide a clear, visually-engaging user experience, which is evident in mashable.com's lowdown of the new mail service.

First impressions reveal the same standard layout but a special full screen function for reading mail is bound to be a welcomed addition. This especially for companies who use eye-catching graphics and striking imagery in their email marketing activity.

The mode can be activated through a small arrow button on the bottom of the window, which also enables the user to flick from email to email through the swipe of a finger.

Yahoo has also made it easier to organise email through the app. Users can highlight a list of messages and perform bulk actions on those from the same sender. Of course, by clicking 'select all', this allows users to remove all messages from one particular contact, helping them keep clutter down to a minimum.

Commenting on the changes in a post at ymailblog.com, the company said it made the additions to "get rid of the noise" surrounding message browsing.

"We've designed Yahoo Mail to take full advantage of the tablet making reading your email faster, easier and just a little bit more fun," it added.