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Tuesday, 16 April 2013 09:01

Understanding the audience key to email and social integration

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Brands should be sure they know their audience when it comes to integrating social media and email marketing campaigns, yahoo.com reports.

Marketing expert Janelle Johnson has claimed that when it comes to working cross-channel, email and social media provide the two best options, bringing together lifecycle engagement (social) and an enviable ROI (email).

Bringing them together, however, relies on marketers knowing a little about their target audience. Using email and social as examples, email is a much more official portal, which is used for bills, banking and other such correspondence. Social media, on the other hand, utilises a much more colloquial approach, which brands can also use to engage their contacts as people, not just consumers.

Johnson noted, though, that this isn't it where it ends, as marketers would also be wise to know what tools their audience prefers. Whilst email is traditionally the more stoic channel, this may not be the case for everyone. Furthermore, some people avoid networks such as Facebook or Twitter like the plague, whilst others delete most emails without a second thought.

For this reason, brands need to not only consider the channel used but also how each individual would react to it.

Adding, Johnson told business2community.com: "Email and social media can be used to point to each other and invite further engagement.

"It's vital to use multiple platforms and tools, as different segments of your market are likely to prefer different tools. You may discover one demographic responds best to an email/Facebook strategy, while another prefers email/Twitter. Make it easy for people who still socially to join your email list."