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Monday, 15 April 2013 08:58

Brits skip breakfast to check their emails

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A third of British women would prefer to log on to their emails than eat breakfast during the week, bbb-news.com reports.

New research by biscuit manufacturer Belvita Breakfast has found that 60 per cent of British women would identify themselves as not being morning people. As a result of this, many claim they simply cannot face breakfast until they've been up for a few hours, leaving some time aside for alternatives such as browsing the internet.

Of those surveyed by Belvita Breakfast, around a third said they check emails straight away after waking up, whilst nearly a quarter log into their social networks. Others prefer to view the weather forecast, check a bank account online or do some online shopping.

Whilst unsettling for nutritionists - who have long claimed that skipping breakfast leaves a person craving more fatty foods later on in the day - the news could be positive for brands running an email marketing scheme as a way to be one of the first to contact a consumer from the moment they wake up.

Explaining the figures, Belvita Breakfast spokesperson Rahul Gursahani told dailymail.co.uk: "Our research shows that many time-poor Brits experience rushed mornings.

"Demands on people's time in the morning means breakfast is often sidelined, despite an overwhelming number of people saying they feel more productive in the morning if they make time for it."

Nutritionists, meanwhile, have urged those seemingly tethered to their devices to at least eat breakfast whilst also checking emails, because it is needed - as the name suggests - to 'break the fast' of the previous ten-12 hours without food.