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Thursday, 11 April 2013 08:47

Email marketing cannot be 'overdone', claims Tata AIG VP

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Marketers using email to reach out to prospective customers will find it hard to overdo or underdo their activity, as every campaign requires a different approach.

This is the view of Gunjan Ghai, vice president and head of direct marketing & product development at Tata AIG General Insurance, who says companies are free to do what they like with a highly targeted response.

Indeed, while Mr Ghai claims it's near on impossible to overdo email marketing, he scorned the technique of sending out bulk messages to an entire database in an interview at business-standard.com.

Such an approach will yield no results, according to Mr Ghai, as companies must segment their contact list based on a range of demographics. These could include anything from income levels right the way to purchase history, both of which require different types of selling techniques.

Cited by congoo.com, Mr Ghai said companies should try coinciding their email marketing activity with well celebrated events like festivals, birthdays and anniversaries before following Tata AIG in emailing on highly specific days.

Being a provider of health and accident insurance, his firm found success in emailing on Word Diabetes Day, World Cancer Day and World Heart Day to raise awareness of serious health conditions.

Emailing on specific days provides a great excuse for contact along with a subject to talk about. However, as always, Mr Ghai explained the offer must always be on point.

"The offer needs to be relevant and timely for conversion rates to pick up," he claimed.

"Besides being timely, emailers should also be time bound", he added, as the result of email marketing should always be quantified in the long-term.