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Wednesday, 10 April 2013 07:44

Email needs to stand out in the inbox

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The average email user gets 100 emails delivered to their various inboxes every day, meaning marketers need to work hard to ensure their message cuts through the noise, chicagopressrelease.com reports.

Email users are well-used to receiving mail, with recent reports claiming it totals around 100 every day for each account. This needn't be daunting for brands using email marketing, however, as it instead shows email is still a hugely popular and successful tool, provided businesses manage to cut through the noise and get their message read.

In light of this, a number of tips have been outlined for brands looking to get their voice heard.

Firstly, marketers are urged to get permission before sending out emails. This will let contacts know what they can expect before receiving a single email, meaning it won't take them by surprise or alienate them before a relationship even begins.

Next, brands should customise their messages to ensure that all their unique users are made to feel as such. As everyone is different, communications should reflect a relevant, personal touch. This also minimises the risk of making a recipient feel like 'just a number' to brands that opt for a 'batch and blast' approach.

Brands are also advised to be honest with themselves and take on feedback, either positive or negative. Constructive feedback such as this can, experts advise, prevent any future drops in open rates.

Lastly, nbcchicago.com reports, businesses should not be shy about being entertaining. Whilst still a business tool, email provides the opportunity to be entertaining, so brands should utilise this, especially if they are unable to offer discounts or sales.