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Monday, 08 April 2013 10:52

UK workers send and receive 10,000 emails every year

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British workers see a grand total of 10,000 emails pass in and out of their accounts every single year, according to new research.

This is a result of the average employee sending and receiving 40 messages per day, with one in 12 seeing as many as 100 interactions within 24 hours.  

Out of those surveyed by Warwick Business School, yahoo.com reports that one in ten workers are attached to their computer or mobile device for their entire day at work, while 57 per cent even admitted to logging into their inbox outside of their contracted hours.

Of this group, 85 per cent said they chose to keep an eye on their inbox because it made them more productive.

Other readings from the report showed traditional methods of communication dropping in popularity. Dailymail.co.uk reports that one in ten workers say they never make landline calls during their day at work and 48 per cent don't post a letter.

Meanwhile one in five admitted they rarely put pen to paper when taking down notes, perhaps relying on their smartphones and tablets to type up their sentences instead.

This can only be good news for brands investing in email marketing, as the more people that keep a mobile device close to their chest, the more people they have to aim for with their promotional messages.  

Will Skillman from Warwick Business School said technology in the workplace has changed "dramatically" over the last 50 years and praised new devices for helping people stay plugged in for stretched periods of time.

"Our study shows that British workers are now hugely reliant on electrical appliances throughout the working day and while on the move and feel this has improved their productivity," he added.