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Friday, 05 April 2013 10:48

Email 'punches above its weight' compared to social

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Email marketing not only punches above its weight when compared to social, but does so 100 times over, one expert has claimed.

Writing for business2community.com, email blogger Adam Franklin claimed that whilst the likes of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have large and growing user bases, they still cannot compete with the old workhorse of email.

Franklin said that email beat social on five counts, with the first being its personal nature. He claimed it was a bigger commitment for users to provide a business with their contact emails than to simply click 'like' on a page. Therefore, the relationship is a better quality one from the very beginning.

Secondly, Franklin said email was more permanent, meaning it reaches the inbox and stays there until someone reads it. Unlike tweets and updates which can be lost amongst all the 'noise', emails need action from the user before they go anywhere.

Next, emails numbers were touted, with Franklin claiming that despite the figures Facebook and Twitter can boast, not everybody has accounts. Email on the other hand, is used by almost everyone who uses the internet.

Franklin's fourth point covered business, with email being touted as a more professional channel than social media. This also spills over into usage, with business people often having their inboxes open all day whilst only visiting social networks intermittently.

The last point was, quite simply, "email sells". Users are still more comfortable, Franklin claimed, pulling out their credit card and making a purchase on account of an email message than they are for social media. This impact conversions and, ultimately, the bottom line, smallbusiness.yahoo.com reports.