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Wednesday, 27 March 2013 08:16

Email needs to engage quickly to be successful

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Email should be optimised so that it fits into the lives of busy individuals, one expert has claimed.

Writing for forbes.com, entrepreneur Chris Fralic explained that people are often far too busy to dedicate any length of time to reading unsolicited emails, so businesses will need to ensure they get the message across quickly.

In light of this, Fralic outlined a number of ways in which brands utilising email marketing can be sure their message is getting across quickly and therefore stands the best chance of being read. The first was to simply ask for permission.

Whilst permission email is widely seen as an industry standard and following best practice, Fralic also claimed it provides not only a good way to start relationships off on the best foot but also ensure names are familiar before the first message is sent.

Where content is concerned, Fralic advocated "the SCFE", which stands for self-contained forwardable email. Any messages referring to past interactions will instantly make it rather improbable that the user will forward it on to friends, colleagues or anyone who may find it of interest. Instead, messages should be self-contained and perfectly understandable to both an avid reader and a first-timer.

Despite this, Fralic also said emails should remain personal. In his explanation, however, this needn't be specifically mentioning the user's preferences or history but instead coming across in a brand's own unique and recognisable voice. This makes the email personal to the brand itself and ensures those who read it can be certain it fits in with the overall business output.

Where email is concerned, technocular.com reports Fralic as saying: "There aren't enough hours in the day to process it all. But for many executives, it's the reality of how a lot of business gets done, and everyone has to deal with it and make the best of it."