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Friday, 22 March 2013 08:59

Email marketers can learn from SEO, claims writer

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Search engine optimisation (SEO) and email marketing might go about their roles in different ways, yet direct marketers should understand that the two are far from unrelated.

Search tools like Google and Yahoo! don't index emails quite yet but econsultancy.com writer Michael Linthorst says there are many lessons that direct marketers can take from SEO.

For instance, as reported by seoconsult.com, sites gaining the SEO treatment are often stripped of their flash content as engines don't take kindly to forms of scripting. Similarly, the majority of email clients have trouble loading messages that have been composed with scripts. This means emails that steer away from JavaScript and stick to basic HTML could have a better chance of converting.

Other tips that can be carried across include the use of pre-headers, which allow search engine users to gain a preview of the content they're about to click on. Email marketers also have an option to add a sneak preview to their message - known as an 'email snippet' - which provides a meta description of the email beneath the subject line.

Typical messages include 'You are receiving this email you signed up for' and 'Can't read this email? Open the web version'.

When set up correctly, Mr Linthorst said this had the potential to increase open rates, thus providing the campaign's send reputation.

Much like those in the field of SEO would, marketers were also advised to choose their keywords wisely in order to ensure messages aren't marked as spam, while finding a good balance between images and text was listed as an easy way to add emotion to the response.

Lastly, they were told to be relevant with their messages, because this is often seen as one of the best ways of improving deliverability.